Last minute air charter service

For the second year in a row, JetSuite , a private jet charter company that’s been called the “Southwest Airlines of charter flying,” is running a special promotion offering last-minute flights for just $4. That’s for the entire jet that’ll accommodate four to six people, mind you, so at most each person in your party will have to pony up $1.

For that princely sum, you’ll get the full private jet experience—small planes, no lines getting on and off the plane, big plush leather seats with fold-out desks and free wi-fi.

Of course, there’s a catch. The details of the promotion, as spelled out by the Robb Report and the New York Times , specify that the $4 charters will only be available for takeoff on a single day—Saturday, July 4—and that the exact routes will not be posted until the day before, Friday, July 3.

Potomac Air Charter is an ARGUS-Gold-Rated FAA part 135 air charter company. Our staff of highly skilled charter pilots are ready to fly you wherever your needs take you.

The Beechcraft King Air 300 is a 350 MPH pressurized cabin class aircraft, with a non stop range of 700 miles with 7 passengers.

This allows you and your company to go to a lunch meeting 700 miles away and return home the same day. The aircraft has comfortable leather seating with two fold-out desks, and seating for seven passengers.