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Finding a great place to work is tough. We all want to enjoy going to the place where we earn our living, but that is not always possible. We also want to work for a company that pays a fair wage and gives us the opportunity to advance within the company. When people find such a place, they stay there as long as they can.

Over the last few years, many people have seen their lives change dramatically. They have lost their jobs to a recession that has hit all parts of the globe. They have lost their houses and seen their savings dwindle. If they kept their jobs, the prospect of longer hours and no chance of a raise or promotion loomed large. Workers would see their retirement accounts rise and fall at the whims of the stock market. The security that was so prized for so long was now gone. Workers would now have to change their expectations regarding employment and their futures.

As this new shift emerged, some companies also had to rethink their workforce requirements. Many companies had to trim their workforces. Smaller workforces could possibly lead to lowering standards. The companies that were used to doing business a certain way would have to change their philosophy. Could they expect more productivity from fewer workers? Would the quality of the services or products that they provide suffer as well? Companies and workers had big decisions before them. And many didn’t know the answers to the big questions.