Boeing business jet продажа

Successful rise in sales of the long-haul passenger Boeing 737-900ER inspired designers to create a luxury business jet for corporate needs. Their efforts resulted in the upgraded business jet BBJ3 incorporating the best features of its baseline and produced following the BBJ2 . The BBJ3 differs from the BBJ2 by 89% larger luggage hold and spacious passenger cabin. The usable cabin space was increased by 35%. The corporate BBJ3 was first supplied in 2006.

The corporate BBJ3 is equipped with eight fuel tanks, easily covering a range of 10 140 km with 8 passengers on board. Maximum fuel capacity is 26 025l. Permissible takeoff weight is limited to 85 140 kg. The BBJ3 body is made of light aluminum alloys and 7% of composites. The wings are equipped with winglets made by Aviation Partners Boeing also contributing to fuel economy, noise level reduction and cutting the maintenance costs. The BBJ3 dimensions appear to be greater than its baseline; however, it is capable of longer range and maintenance efficiency.

With 8 passengers on board, the BBJ3 is capable of flight operations at a range of 10 140 km. With 25 passengers on board, the flight range will be a little bit shorter of 9 670 km. Max jetliner capacity for charter group flights is 50 passengers. In this case the BBJ3 range will be reduced to 8 751 km.

At AOPA’s request, aircraft purchase advisor Conklin & de Decker has estimated hourly operating costs for 45 jets likely to be at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Las Vegas. These are variable costs and include fuel, maintenance (parts and labor), engine reserves, auxiliary power units if applicable, and miscellaneous expenses to include crew travel, catering and cabin supplies, landing and parking fees—all boiled down to a single number.

OX_ad.showAdUnit("538303917"); .flow-wrapper { width: auto!important; } OX_ad.showAdUnit("538802423"); As a quick summary, the least expensive to operate is a Cirrus Vision SF50 jet at $661.53 per hour. The most expensive, as you might expect, is a private airliner. The Airbus ACJ320 ultra-long-range, large-cabin business jet comes in at $7,964.69 per hour, while the Boeing BBJ 2 ultra-long-range, large-cabin business aircraft comes in at $7,674.95. A BBJ 3 is less expensive at $7,396.29.

The Eclipse comes in at $888.59, while a Gulfstream G650 is $4,843.16 per hour. Looking at additional manufacturers, an Embraer Lineage 1000E costs $5,827.32 per hour, while a Cessna Citation Mustang is $1,015.37. A Cessna Citation X+ is $4,098.69, while the new Cessna Latitude is $2,935.67. The Nextant 400XTi comes in at $1,623.06, and the SyberJet SJ30 at $1,607.77. A Dassault Falcon 8X costs $3,803.75 per hour while a Learjet 75 is $2,172.31, and a Bombardier Challenger 850 is $3,544.71. The Cessna Citation CJ4 is $1,970.13 per hour. Embraer’s Phenom 300 costs $1,757.53 per hour.

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