San diego jet charter

When my family migrated west in 1957, San Diego’s Lindbergh Field replaced Chicago-Midway and O’Hare as my airport domicile, providing new shooting opportunities: Bonanza Air Lines, PSA and Western Air Lines, along with more familiar carriers. These pictures are pretty much in chronological order. Click on them for a bigger image.

I began shooting pictures at SAN in 1958.   Above,  American DC-7B N365AA arrives in the late-day sun  on August 24. I would ride this same airplane from Chicago-Midway to Phoenix two years later. Below: On September 12, three American Flagships appear together, a bit of a rarity at this airport, especially to have three varieties lined up; from left, a DC-6, DC-6B and DC-7B. Many thanks to my good friend, Geoffrey Thomas, who arranged to have these two black-and-white pictures colorized for the occasion, by his talented friend, Benoit Vienne.

The airport’s open gates offered in-your-face photography, as evidenced by American’s DC-7 Flagship Virginia,  N311AA, as the pilot receives his departure clearance salute.

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